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October 11: By decisively crossing above the first fibonacci level, DBA now has a target of 16.85.  This setup would be broken if price goes below the 0% level.

October 15 update: DBA went as high as 16.01 today.

October 20 update:  We notice that the ultimate oscillator is divergent, in other words trending down as DBA goes up.  This often portends of a coming correction.

October 30 update: Price went as low as 15.76 then entered sideways action and closed at 15.97 today.

November 4 update:  DBA had a high of 16.13 today, just shy of the 50% level, and a new high for the move.

November 5 update:  DBA had a strong move to $16.20, touching the 50% level, and increasing the probability of reaching the 100% level.

December 2 update: Price still hasn’t been able to reach the 61.8% level.

December 6 update:  DBA made another high today at 16.31, then fell back to 16.26.

December 9 update: DBA made another high today at 16.39, then pulled back.

December 12 update:  DBA made it up to the 78% level this morning.

December 13 update:  DBA had a high of 16.79 today, just shy of the 100% level, close enough to call it. 

January 17 update:  The 100% level at 16.88 has been the high so far.  Price is now in consolidation mode since December 16.  We now look for new patterns to emerge.  Ultimate oscillator was down as the top was reached in mid December, which also predicted a coming correction.

February 1 update:  Price has quickly fallen all the way back to the 0% level.  The featured fibonacci trade targets worked well if the method of selling half at 50% and the rest near 100% was followed using trailing stops.