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Gold miners have been sliding down along with the general stock market.  This is in spite of the fact that the price of gold has been holding up well.  We suspect that when earnings season kicks in that gold miners will outperform.  That is as long as the gold price stays above $1600 or so.

The general stock market on the other hand looks like it will be in for a period of disappointing earnings.  This would be a heavy weight on the S&P going into summer.

We continue to watch chart patterns for opportunities.  TLT had a nice upward spike, then fell back.  There are still factors pointing to more interest rate reductions, so there could be meat still on the bone there.

Crude oil remains unsettled between corona virus and the Russian-Saudi price war.  The virus seems to be keeping demand subdued.  Russia is in much better condition to weather lower prices than Saudi.

In the near term it looks best to be very cautious in everything while looking closely for opportunities in bonds and gold.